Why Choose Us

Personalized service to attain the right speaker

At Markman Speaker Management you will find exceptional speakers who will help make your meeting or event a success and… memorable! We serve associations, companies, professional services firms, franchises, colleges and universities, and nonprofit organizations, on a worldwide basis. You will get personalized service to meet your program’s objectives and attain the right keynote or featured speaker.

Inspiring speakers for every budget

Do you need a speaker for your event who is energetic, inspiring and captivating? A best-selling author who is entertaining, motivating, and informative? A dynamic business subject matter expert or industry guru? Maybe you need a sports personality for that “change of pace” presentation or “meet and greet”? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you want to work with our agency. Our speakers can customize their talks to meet the needs of your audience…and they are equally comfortable speaking at large events and small, high-level executive meetings. We always work within your budget – call us to discuss speaker fees.

What if you don’t see a topic or speaker on our roster that you need?

If we don’t have a speaker on our roster that meets your needs, we will go out and FIND a speaker that does – at no extra cost to you! We’ll even research the speaker marketplace to match up the topic you want covered with speakers who we’ll identify – and then help you select and secure the best speaker.

Let us put our 30 years of experience in the speaking industry to work for you. Please get in touch with us to help you find the perfect speakers who will have an impact on your events. With our outreach to speakers worldwide we’ll get you the results you expect.

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