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Do you ever find yourself asking, “What was I thinking!?” We are smart, but smart people sometimes make bad decisions. Often our errors in judgment are due to the influence of the oldest part of our subconscious mind – the lizard brain. From cognitive biases to mental shortcuts, Steve uncovers some of the predictable ways our thinking is subverted so that we can make better, more accurate decisions to improve our effectiveness and relationships. Using amazing mentalism demonstrations to highlight key points, Steve keeps the audience riveted and guessing with virtual mind reading, subliminal influence and other amazing mind magic.

We have the potential to achieve amazing things in our work and our lives. Yet, too often we are overcome by the irrational fears, negativity and hidden biases of the reactionary and fearful subconscious mind.

This entertaining presentation helps audiences discover their subconscious mind’s default negative impulses (“A-ha!”) so they can transform their thinking and reach their positive potential (“Ta-da!”). Steve provides insight into how we can be better versions of ourselves and make decisions that are more in line with our goals and values.

By incorporating personal stories, humor, and uniquely fun mentalism effects, Steve provides a WOW factor that keeps the audience amazed and entertained.


Steve Haffner

Meet Steve Haffner

Steve Haffner had a 30 year corporate career for companies such as EDS, William M Mercer, and Humana. In his roles as a systems engineer, project manager, business analyst and vice president, he experienced firsthand the effects of irrational decision making by executives, managers, administrators and staff.

In 2011 he chucked that career to launch his own business as an entertainer and mentalist, performing provocative and astounding programs that explore "mind mysteries" such as subliminal influence, virtual mind reading, lie detection, and predictions. While not a psychic or medium, Steve’s psychological illusions are baffling and fun. Steve has provided entertainment for companies such as 3M, Edward Jones, Circle K, Amazon, PNC Bank, and the University of Louisville.

As a mentalist, he studies how the primitive part of the human subconscious – the lizard brain, as he calls it - has hidden effects on our behavior and decision making. Steve’s programs on mental performance and decision making are engaging, informative, motivational, and intriguingly entertaining. He pulls from his own experiences in both corporate management and mentalism, as well as research in the fields of psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics. His keynotes and breakout sessions explore how professionals can improve their decision skills, effectiveness, and relationships.


“It was an engaging and interesting presentation. Something you don’t think about – how your subconscious mind controls your day-to- day thinking including in the workplace. The HR professionals were really engaged. They liked that it was a different type of presentation than they are normally used to, and they can apply the information in several different ways. We loved having him and he was a great part of our conference.”

-Robbie Perkins, President IPMA-HR, Kentucky Chapter

“Steve did an amazing job. We laughed, we were in awe, and we loved that he brought illusion and neuroscience together to show us how we can overcome mind blocks, and we can apply that information to our clients as well.”

- Janice Smith, President, Kentucky Speech-Language and Hearing Association

“Steve did an absolutely fantastic job entertaining our group, getting us to delve deeper into our thoughts, and decision making, there were quite a few laughs. Everyone left feeling mesmerized by Steve’s ability to get deep into our minds and think about our own thoughts. His content and presentation were excellent.”

-John Bodle, IT Finance Dept, Bloomington Indiana

“It was wonderful! Steve really related how the brain can be tricked into making certain decisions in a certain way. I was impressed how he built from one model to the next and the next, and it made sense how he related it to real world decisions and evaluations. It was excellent – I was really impressed with it.”

-Roger Buskill, Association for Talent Development - Kentuckiana Chapter

“It was extremely entertaining, it was funny, but more importantly it uncovered some things we didn’t know about ourselves and how we think about many things that are in everyday life and how we’ll think about them differently. I highly recommend it. It was a great presentation and very educational.”

-Andrew Backen, Executive Vice President, Touchstone Merchandise Groupr

“Steve’s keynote was very informative but entertaining at the same time. It kept the audience well engaged while teaching them to overcome their invisible mind blocks …and different ways to think about how they think about things.”

-Laura Cole, Director of Program Development, Kentucky School Boards Association

“Steve’s program was an awesome session! It made me think, it was fun, it was engaging. I still haven’t figured out how he did everything, but he did tell us a lot about our lizard brains.”

-Marchal Hudson, Project Management institute, Central Indiana

“It was incredible – mind blowing! It woke us back up after lunch. We don’t even know where to go from here! We want him to come back - we wanted him to keep talking!”

-Sonia Huff, Kentucky School Counselors Association

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