Take Advantage of Steve Markman’s High-Impact Training and Coaching Program...And Increase Your Revenue!

If you are a paid speaker and want to take your speaking career to the next level...or if you’re an aspiring professional speaker...or if you recognize the value of speaking in front of audiences of prospective clients and customers, then this program – customized to your individual needs – is perfect for you! It’s a powerful and proven method of growing your business!

Sign up for Get More Speaking Engagements if you want to attain one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Get MORE paid speaking engagements
  • Learn how to market yourself as a high-value speaker
  • Use speaking to generate leads for your business
  • Obtain non-paid gigs as a stepping-stone to paid engagements
  • Increase exposure for your personal or company brand
  • Understand the speaker world and how you fit in
  • Obtain the direction you need if you’re just getting started

Learn the tactics, strategies, and processes to develop a truly powerful method of achieving a high rate of success in attaining speaking engagements, using a proven, systematic approach developed by Steve Markman, a leading expert in the field. In a career spanning over 30 years in the conference and speaker business, Steve has helped obtain speaking engagements for hundreds of speakers, consultants, authors, executives, and people from all walks of life. You’ll get in-depth, specific and practical advice, ready to use right away – a roadmap to achieve your speaking goals.

Get More Speaking Engagements Is Designed For:

  • Established speakers looking to book more engagements
  • Aspiring speakers who want to break into the field
  • Authors
  • Professional services – consultants, attorneys, CPAs/accountants, engineers, and others
  • Coaches and trainers – all specialties and industries
  • CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs
  • PR professionals – independent practitioners

Choose From 3 Value-Added Programs: Training, Plus, Premium

TRAINING PROGRAM: Half-Day Customized Session

One-on-one training session, conducted in person or remotely, customized to meet your objectives. In preparation for the session, you will complete a questionnaire covering your business strategies, speaking objectives, speaking topics, and target audiences. Before and after the program you will receive a full review and critique of your speaker packet – presentation titles, abstracts/descriptions, speaker bio – to be submission-ready.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Develop a proactive and successful speaking strategy – 8 action steps to effectively attain keynotes, breakout sessions, panels, workshops
  • Research, identify, and evaluate the right speaking opportunities aimed toward your target audiences
  • Broaden your target audiences
  • Shape your presentation content to attract an audience and a gain an "edge"
  • Stand out from the crowd through self-marketing and positioning yourself as an expert
  • Create compelling can’t-miss marketing messages and materials
  • Write effective presentation abstracts to be submission ready
  • Reach the decision-makers who choose speakers
  • Respond to Call for Speakers proposal applications
  • Submit unsolicited speaker proposals to event organizers – when and how
  • Create high-impact and compelling speaker proposals and "pitches" – what to include
  • Develop presentations in different formats
  • Leverage unpaid speaking gigs into paid engagements
  • Structure your speaker fees
  • Determine what kind of videos work best

PLUS PROGRAM: 6 months of access to Steve Markman

Includes the Training Program...

PLUS...During the course of 6 months you will receive priority access to Steve Markman for up to 3 hours of help and advice when needed, by phone or email including, for example:

  • Evaluation of potential speaking opportunities as they arise
  • Pre-submission review of e-mailed speaker proposals
  • Advice on Call for Speakers applications
  • Review of presentation content including slides

PREMIUM PROGRAM: 1 year of access to Steve Markman

Includes the Training Program...

Plus...During the course of 1 year you will receive priority access to Steve Markman for up to 6 hours of help and advice when needed, by phone or email.

BONUS: You will receive a customized list of specific speaking opportunities and organizations to target.



"We are incredibly grateful for the time and knowledge and experience that you shared with us. We are excited to implement the straightforward action steps you outlined for us! We really appreciate your genuine intentions of helping us with this part of our journey by using your extensive wisdom in the arena of speaking. This feedback is fantastic"
- Jennifer Carey and Dayna Wood, Co-Founders, ic3 consulting

"Working with Steve Markman allowed me to take a good look at my speaking business – in particular, how to best monetize my expertise—small business marketing and PR. Before we even met, Steve researched my brand and visibility as a speaker. At our first in-person session, he provided feedback on my speaker’s kit, signature talks, and strategies on how to target speaking gigs best suited for my goals – along with a list of contacts I should be in touch with. What I loved was that he understood my business model from the get-go and provided a clear roadmap on next steps, including follow-up. It’s obvious that Steve is not only a top consultant in the speaking industry, but someone who wants you to succeed. He builds relationships, not just a client base. For this and hundreds of other reasons, I’d recommend working with Steve and his speaking agency to build, tweak and get exposure on stage."
-Robin Samora, small business marketing consultant, author, and member, National Speakers Association

"Steve knows how to put you into conferences. Has decades of experience doing this well. At IBM, I relied on Steve to place speakers at business conferences relevant to our work. He knows how to find the "right" conferences and how to persuade organizers to include speakers he is assisting. He takes the initiative to match both well."
-Jim Cortada, Senior Research Fellow, University of Minnesota, and former executive, IBM Global Services

"My goal was to increase the reach of my consulting practice outside of New England at a time when the market here was slow. I had been speaking at local events for several years, but was really interested in being on the national stage. Steve quickly got up to speed on my expertise, helped me pull together speaker abstracts and got right down to work. The results have been phenomenal! I have landed some great customers, and have achieved my goal of expanding nationally. I highly recommend Steve for organizations who want to put key executives on the national stage. He can take your executives and make thought-leaders of them."
-Lisa Dennis, President and Founder, Knowledgence Associates and author of the book "Value Propositions that SELL"

"Steve has an incredible depth of experience and knowledge of the conference world. He also has many valuable contacts that greatly add to the success of a speaking program. During the time we worked with Steve, he helped us to triple our conference speaking engagements and break into new shows. His genuine and positive personality, and professionalism make him a true pleasure to work with."
-Kathleen Gambale, Marketing Manager, Extreme Bolt and Fastener

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