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Everything and everyone is connected. The Internet of Things is transforming the ways in which new value is being created in practically every business and every workplace. Welcome to the “outcome economy” — where companies create value not just by selling products and services, but by delivering complete solutions that produce quantifiable business outcomes. Buyers in the outcome economy aren’t looking to buy products, but rather an iron-clad guarantee of an outcome. In the Industrial IoT, roles must change, and rules are meant to be broken. This is where the value is. This is the new opportunity.  The outcome economy is a significant shift from competing through selling products and services, to competing on delivering measurable results important to the customer. For most companies, this is a challenging prospect. They will need to develop a deeper understanding of individual customer’s business, how products and services are being used, and how customers evaluate outcomes. In this keynote, Joe poses and answers key questions to help you navigate the uncharted parts of the Internet of Things universe: How do you prepare for the outcome economy? What do you need to do to capitalize on this opportunity? How do you engage with your customers? How will you outdo the competition?

We live in a world that is increasingly shaped by machine intelligence. Conversational bots, artificial-intelligent- based automatons, self-learning software, and other seemingly intelligent systems are everywhere in businesses, cars, and in our homes.  Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence technology and omnipresent connectivity, it is inevitable that computer algorithms will be used extensively throughout our economy and society, and will have an increasingly far-reaching impact on all aspects of our everyday lives, from basic assistive tasks to complete decision authority in education, healthcare, finance, and employment. But novel technology of such magnitude arrives with many challenges and perils yet to be discovered. The more sophisticated and powerful artificial intelligence algorithms become, the more reason to pay attention to the challenges associated with the proliferation of these algorithms, and to preventing errors and biases from the onset.

The vision Joe paints in this keynote is not far-fetched or apocalyptic; it is real and around the corner. It is meant to help you embrace the technology and, at the same time, understand its unavoidable risks and menaces.

The automotive and transportation industries are undergoing massive transformation. Three disrupting trends are shaping the future of mobility, both personal and commercial: the adoption of shared and on-demand mobility, continued development and market penetration of electric propulsion vehicles, and the maturation of autonomous driving technology. Together, these trends create a perfect storm that will have the most profound effect on mobility, and will bring about a future that is safer, cheaper, cleaner, and more resource efficient. While most of us are fascinated by the prospect of on-demand autonomous transportation, there are multiple technical, societal and even ethical considerations and challenges, many of which venture into unchartered territory. In this keynote Joe provides a sober, hype-free view of the current state of cutting-edge mobility technology. He explores technical and societal factors that will be shape personal mobility in the years to come and provide guidance for companies who want to take part in shaping this promise.

The adage that almost all new products fall short of expectations, and a great many fail completely, is alive and well. For each Apple or Sony success story there are dozens of mediocre products, failed companies, and disillusioned investors. Why do organizations continue to innovate using ineffective processes that result in failed products, delayed launches, and disappointed customers and shareholders? Why do they continue to miss the mark and are shocked when customers abandon them? As Joe explains in this keynote, most product organizations suffer from acute organizational myopia. Once a product is in the market, the organization knows very little about how well it operates, how customers are interacting with it, and how well it meets the rosy promises of marketers and designers. Joe’s keynote describes a product innovation paradigm and organizational innovation culture in a world in which everything and everyone is connected. A world in which “digital twins” in the cloud continually monitor product and “experiences” product-human interaction. A world in which big data and clever algorithms deliver unprecedented levels of product and customer insight and create a rich context as a canvas for better decisions and more effective innovation.



Joe Barkai

Meet Joe Barkai

Joe Barkai is a recognized industry analyst, strategy adviser, blogger, and published author. His focus is on researching, forecasting, and the strategic application of technology to drive innovation, competitiveness, and business processes excellence.

With more than 30 years of experience helping organizations across diverse industries chart their product and market strategies, Joe offers a unique ability to “connect the dots” and articulate the business value of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and machine learning.

In his book The Outcome Economy: How the Industrial Internet of Things is Changing Every Business, Joe discusses impact of the Industrial Internet of Things on manufacturing companies and offers a perspective on product innovation and operation in an always-connected world

As the Chairman of the Automotive IoT program at SAE, the world’s largest organization of automotive engineers, Joe has a unique perspective on emerging technologies and business models in connected cars, autonomous driving, and mobility of the future. He works with auto manufacturers and suppliers, technology vendors, and system integrators to guide investments in vehicle telematics, infotainment and self-driving technologies, and formulate the commensurate business development strategies. Previously, as Vice President of Research at IDC, a leading global market research firm, Joe led global research across a broad spectrum of industries, including automotive, industrial equipment, aerospace, construction machinery, medical devices and high-tech. Joe is a sought-after consultant and speaker. He appeared on CNN Japan and was quoted in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CIO Magazine, and numerous industry publications.


“Joe has a deep understanding about the product development processes and emerging technology. His understanding about the latest technology developments coupled with business angle to it can be leveraged by companies who are looking for strategic inputs, as they define their roadmap to bank on some of these newer technology-led innovations.”

-Amit Fulmogare, Strategic Marketing, CL Technologies

“Joe is a "realistic visionary". He has great insight into the promise of new technologies but unlike many others in this field, he understands the many nuances of exploiting and integrating new technologies, especially for within large, well-established organizations. Joe gets straight A's in my book.”

-Richard Sheroff, VP of Sales and Business Development, Emu Technology

“Joe thinks operations and problems through. He has a broad range of knowledge and experience. 

- Arnold Taube, Project Manager, Deere & Company

“Few people have Joe's combination of deep technical understanding and broad business perspective. My own experience with Joe centers around the application and deployment of artificial intelligence technologies. In this area, Joe has extensive well-formed insight into the appropriate choice of technologies, and the long-term support implications for both the implementers and the end users of the technology. Joe has my highest recommendation.”

-Phil D'Eon, President & CTO, CaseBank Technologies Inc.

“Joe's experience on the frontlines and in the trenches provides unparalleled depth and insight into the emerging Internet of Things in a way that helps his audience understand not its future potential but also how to build value today!”

-Thomas Koulopoulos, CEO, Delphi Group

‘Thank you also for the great presentation you did at the SWWorld!”

-Jeremy B., Dassault Systèmes”

Conference keynote feedback comments:

“Logical and to the point”
“Mind opening message and great presentation”
“Refreshing, inspiring”
“Open eyes to a new way of justifying IoT!”
“Good presentation and performance, the topic of digital transformation is hard to do "spot on"
“Good motivating presentation, valuable information/thoughts
“Great presentation”

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