Consulting and Workshops – Attaining Speaking Engagements

Customized Programs for Individuals and Groups:

Corporate Staff – Marketing and PR Departments

Some firms aren’t looking for the implementation of a full-service speaker program because they currently use in-house resources. If that describes your situation, we offer customized training to teach your internal staff the techniques to create a successful executive visibility speaker program, customized to your needs. This can take the form of:

  • one-on-one consulting/coaching for an individual
  • intensive workshop for a group of staffers

We’ll teach you the tactics and techniques that will give you the inside track on how to obtain targeted speaking engagements for your executive team. And you will get a review of your organization’s speaker program strategy, learn how to target prospective speaking opportunities, and learn how to write effective presentation abstracts. We will review presentation abstracts already in use. Whatever the level of experience, participants will come away with the expertise to improve or build an executive speaker program.

Public Relations Firms

PR firms are often asked by their clients to develop a speaker program to build awareness – perhaps for a company’s senior management team or for the practice partners of a law firm or consulting firm. Can you use some help in figuring out how to position these speakers in the event marketplace and how to research the best conferences to create the most effective exposure? We can help you accomplish these goals with a customized session:

  • one-on-one consulting/coaching for you or an individual on your agency staff
  • intensive workshop for an agency account team or group of staffers

Individual Speakers

Whether you’re just getting started as a speaker or looking to take your speaker career to the next level, our coaching sessions will enable you to:

  • Increase the quantity of speaking engagements
  • Research and identify the “right” speaking opportunities
  • Reach the decision-makers who choose speakers
  • Stand out from the crowd of other speakers
  • Leverage speaking gigs to create leads for your other products or services
  • Ensure your presentation has shelf life

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